20 July – 3 August 2019: GLAM Hack Workshop in the context of European Youth Weeks 2019

GLAM Hack Workshop: “We need to hack the GLAMs to talk about Democracy!”
Facilitator: Revekka Kefalea
Host: Haus am Maiberg – European Youth Weeks 2019
Dates: 20 July – 3 August 2019
Place: Haus am Maiberg – Heppenheim, Germany
Hashtags: #EuropeanYouthWeeks #WeNeedToTalkAboutDemocracy #HausAmMaiberg

From July 20th to August 3rd 2019, Revekka Kefalea (Inspirer & Curator of GLAM Hack) implemented the workshop: “We need to hack the GLAMs to talk about Democracy!” in the context of European Youth Weeks 2019. European Youth Weeks (EYW) is an annual international project hosted by Haus am Maiberg, in Heppenheim, Germany, where young people engage in socio-political topics. It is addressed to anyone between 18 and 27 years old living in Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, or Spain. The title of the 2019 edition was “We need to talk about DEMOCRACY”, and its focus was understanding and participating in the democratic process.

Revekka was offered the opportunity to design this workshop while participating in the preparation of EYW 2019, as the teamer of the participants coming from Greece. And, willing to promote the democratization of knowledge through the educational and creative possibilities offered by open accessed digital archives and repositories, Revekka grasped this opportunity and adapted one of the GLAM Hack Workshops (‘Hacking the GLAMs’) to the topic and the aims of the 2019 edition of the project.

During this customised workshop, the three participants of EYW 2019 that were attracted to the idea of hacking the GLAMs, Anamaria Pejković from Croatia, Daniil Terletskyy from Italy, and Panagiotis Kollaros from Greece, explored some digital archives and repositories of cultural heritage, and became acquainted with Creative Commons licenses. Then, with the use of online image processing programmes and tools (such as PhotoMosh and Snorpey’s Javascript Experiments), they created their own derivative artworks, expressing their own ideas and opinions about democracy.

Anamaria Pejković, a university student of Political Science, was inspired by pop-art and created her artworks, in order to draw our attention to: (a) the role that both emotion and rationality play in the voting procedures, (b) the inclusion of women in democratic decision-making processes, and (c) the importance of pluralism in a democracy.

Daniil Terletskyy, a university student of International Economics and Management, adopted a contemporary and aesthetic approach, in order to show the vulnerability and fragility of the democratic system, highlighting its flaws and the possible critical situations it might incur into, as well as to point out the fact that a democracy can be complicated, if we do not have the tools to understand it due to our level of education – and this complexity can make us susceptible to manipulation.

Panagiotis Kollaros, a university student of International and European Studies with a vivid interest in history, chose to process two historical images and photographs, in order to focus our attention on the incompatibility of democracy and censorship, as well as on the eurocentrism that characterises many theoretical, political and daily discussions about democracy.

After having created their artworks, the three participants collaborated together and -with Revekka’s curatorial support- they organised a physical exhibition of their creations, which was held in Haus am Maiberg just for one evening: the final evening of EYW 2019!

Therefore, on August 2nd 2019, the very first GLAM Hack Exhibition titled We need to talk about Democracy! was open to a multicultural group of young people, with Anamaria, Daniil and Panagiotis offering a guided tour and explaining the ideas behind their artworks to all the participants and teamers of EYW 2019.

Of course, we are all impressed and intrigued by our GLAM Hackers’ thought-provoking artworks, and we congratulate them for their patience, insistence and hard work along the way.

In addition, we would like to thank all the teamers of EYW 2019 -and especially Michaela Jacobs from Haus am Maiberg- for giving us the opportunity to implement this workshop.

Also, we would like to thank Andrei Nicolae (EVS volunteer in Haus am Maiberg at that time) for his feedback in relation to the communication of the workshop, as well as for his help in finding and preparing all the materials needed for the exhibition.

Last but not least, we would like to thank Andrej Aleksandrov (participant of EYW 2019 form Croatia) for contributing some of his photographs for our website.

The support of both GLAM Hack and Haus am Maiberg for the creation of these artworks does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the creators. GLAM Hack and Haus am Maiberg cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of both the artworks and the information contained in this webpage.


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